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Are you still learning or already teaching? Do you have leadership responsibility in your community or company? Join CreatiVelo and become part of a global movement for positive change through creative action.

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What is CreatiVelo?

creatiVelo is an open digital platform for self-organized learning and action. It supports individuals, schools, universities, companies and communities to create positive images of the future in films and to work on their implementation in campaigns.

CreatiVelo promotes the self-efficacy of young people. In teams, they collect ideas on the UN’s sustainable development goals and take them to every corner of the world on their digitally networked CreatiVelos.

How to take part

  • Get CreatiVelo Action Teams in your community

    We offer storytelling and experience trainings (with online module) and a kit for CreatiVelos. Watch out for the calls on and start telling stories and making films right away.

  • Download the app

    Connect with CreatiVelo teams and follow their campaigns, earn Action Points in exchange for online resources and training, share your films and stories, and follow others.
  • Get on board and go

    students, trainees or teachers, in leadership positions or looking for challenges, pedal together for a sustainable future.
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Be part of the Earthbeat Luxembourg Tour

Is Luxembourg doing enough to combat climate change? Is the Grand Duchy on the right way for carbon neu trality? What is the state of the flora and fauna in the country? Which sustainable projects exists? Where can someone engage himself, be part of the climate movement? What have the people to say? Is It even possible to get to every corner of the country? Is the bicycle infrastructure good enough? All these questions and lots of more, will be tackled on the Earthbeat Luxembourg Tour . You want do jo in as a Storyteller, as a member of the CreatiVelo Team (student job/ internship/ volunteer) t hen, f eel free to get in touch!


Download the CreatiVelo (earthbeat) App

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The story of the CreatiVelos

The CreatiVelo initiative, launched in Luxembourg in 2021, features solar-powered bicycles with built-in monitors for global connectivity. Initially, these bicycles shared youth stories and films, but their mission expanded during the COP26 conference to include promoting sustainable development projects. Youth action teams worldwide use CreatiVelos for idea exchange, and in 2023, students in India built their versions for local missions. The CreatiVelos also participated in COP28 in Dubai and are increasingly used in educational settings to foster collaboration and innovation.

Find out more

Interested in collaboration or to join the movement?

We don't only want to spread the message of collaboration and teamwork but also live it. So we'll be glad to hear from you, whether you have ideas, want to support us in any way, want the bikes come to your country, event or school, or you want to join our “ Earthbeat Luxembourg Tou r ” Let's talk about it! You can contact us here or via the app.


Youth4planet makes young people strong for change. Easy storytelling is sharpening their perception for Earth issues and encourages them to take a stand with film and social media. Youth4planet was founded in Hamburg (Germany)and has branches in Luxembourg, Austria, USA and more to come.

The Government of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg is a strong supporter of youth4planet since 2018 and this is also where its strongest branchis based. They also financed the building of the CreatiVelos.