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What is CreatiVelo?

creatiVelo is an open digital platform for self-organized learning and action. It supports individuals, schools, universities, companies and communities to create positive images of the future in films and to work on their implementation in campaigns.

CreatiVelo promotes the self-efficacy of young people. In teams, they collect ideas on the UN’s sustainable development goals and take them to every corner of the world on their digitally networked CreatiVelos.

How to take part

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Den CreatiVelo krut een Upgrade 💥💥 lo kann een vun baussen een HDMI-Kabel uschléissen. 🤯🤯

#DIY #bohrmaschine #handwerk #sdgs #meister
On monday you will find us @Gare Centrale (12h-18h), see you!

We will showcase some videos and catching the earthbeat with you 😎

Bis e Méinden!
#Throwback Sunday: 
Do you know where this picture was taken?

What is your guess? 🤔

A Hint you will find in the comments 💬

#luxembourg #earthbeat #cycling
POV: you cycle through Luxembourg to meet sustainable changemakers and you meet these lovely people 🫶🫶

✨ New video next wednesday ✨

#bike #luxembourg #changemakers #sustainable #transition #cycling
The CreatiVelo 🚲💡 was at the last years Luxembourg International Science Expo 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬 and met some engaged young #scientists. Find out about their #projects (Energy storage, Smart Farm, Waste Separation)-> link in bio.


#lise #youngscientist #forum #expo #smartfarm #wasteseparation #energystorage
In the summer ☀️☀️ we had the opportunity to meet Denis and Pit. Together we tested their small portable water wheel 💧⚡️ in action. Then we conducted a short #interview with them about their project.

You can find the #link to the interview in our bio.

#luxembourg #waterwheel #sdg #schendels #mamer #renewableenergy #wasserkraft #nachhaltig #fluss #bach #diy #selbstgemacht
🇩🇪 Das neuer CreatiVelo in #Sinzig ist bereit auf Tour zu gehen 😎😎 

🇬🇧 The new CreatiVelo in #Sinzig is ready to go on Tour 😎😎
Last year, #CreatiVelos made a major comeback since their trip to #COP26 in 2021. Together, we cycled 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ over 500 kilometers with the CreatiVelos through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 🇱🇺🇱🇺

On that #journey, we met over 250 inspiring 💡💡 people. That's one inspiring person every two kilometers!! You don’t have to travel far to hear 👂 👂great stories or to meet lovely people <3

Some of the #people we met were already committed to a better future (new videos coming soon 😉)🌳🌎, while others were open to discussion to become #changemakers.

And that is absolutely amazing! Why? Because to make the sustainable #transition happen, to save Mother Earth 🌍 🌏 from #collapse, we need everyone and not just one small group of experts 🥼🥼. We need to act together as Earth citizens 🌍🦸, as a global team, and not as egoistic personalities.

The #CreatiVelo, as a Bubble-Breaker, exchange point, learning hub, film studio, and mobile film festival, in addition to local action teams, can help make our mission come true.

May 2024 be filled with sustainable change and resilience. ⭐️🌳
How ❔❔did the #CreatiVelo manage to come to @cop28uaeofficial in Dubai? Find the answer in our latest blog ✍️📝 post! Link in bio & story.
While cycling 🚲🎥 to our appointments, we always encounter #interesting people, here you see some of the statement ✍️✍️ from the cycling #heroes we met along the way.

In our bio you will find the link 🔗🔗 to the #blogbost about these cycling heroes 🦸🚲
Do you like autumn? 🍁🍂

#luxembourg #cycling #autumn #forst #nature #besch
🇬🇧 The first video of the #Earthbeat Luxembourg Tour is online! 

During the summer ☀️🌅 we had the opportunity to visit @move.meco ,the youth group associated with the ,one of the most #prominent environmental 🌍🌳 protection NGOs in Luxembourg. 

Find the link to the blogpost 📝✍️ and video 🎥📹 in our bio & story. 

🇱🇺 Den éischte Video vum #Earthbeat Luxembourg Tour ass elo online! 

Am Summer hate mir d’Méiglechkeet den @move.meco de Jugendgrupp vum besichen ze kennen. 

De Link zu eisem Video 🎥📹 an dem Blogpost 📝✍️ dozou ass an eiser Bio & Story ze fannen

#creativelo #enggagement #pafendall #oeko
Can you guess where the #Creativelo is in this picture? 📷🏞️

Write it in the comments👇👇
🇱🇺 Vue que dass de #CreatiVelo genau sou wéi een normale Vëlo 🚲🚲 gutt Vëlosinfrastruktur brauch, woren mir den 20. September 📅🍂 op der Tabel Ronde vu zur Vëlospolitik. Sou konnte mir gewuer ginn wéi eng #Politiker:innen fir de Vëlo stinn. An deem Kader konnte mir och mam @garydiderich een Interview 🎥🗣️ maachen.

Den Interview gett an den nächsten Wochen veröffentlecht 😁😎

🇬🇧 Since the #CreatiVelo requires good cycling infrastructure just like a regular bike 🚲🚲 we took the opportunity to attend panel discussion to see which #politicians are offering a solid plan for cycling 🚲🏗️ infrastructure. We even had the chance to interview a politician and engaged in meaningful 🗣️🚴‍♀️ discussions with fellow cyclists.

The interview will be published the next weeks 😁😎

#velo #cycling #luxembourg #debate #podiumsdiskussion
🇬🇧 Currently, a multitude of dynamic events 🌍👐 are unfolding. 

For now, let's delve into our most recent activity at the #Luxembourg International Science Expo. During the #Expo, we conducted insightful interviews 🗣️🎥 with young scientists 🔬🥼and exchanged ideas.

🇱🇺 Momentan passéiere ganz vill dynamesch Aktiounen 🌍👐

Hei ee klengen Abléck zum rezentstem Event wou mir konnten dobäi sinn: Mir waren de Weekend op der #Luxembourg International Science #Expo wou mir mat e puer jonk Fuerscher:innen 🔬🥼 Interviews gemaach hunn an och een enken Austausch konnte féieren.

#science #future #interview #creativelo
Wat hunn déi verschidde Politiker:innen zur Nohaltegkeet 🌍🌱 ze soen? Mir ware mam CreatiVelo 💡🚲 um Stater Maart fir mat e puer Politiker:innen 👨🧑 een impromtu Interview 🤳📹 ze maachen.

Déi ganz Interviews 🎥📼 fannt dir ënner oder dir gitt an eis Bio kucken 🙌👐

#politiker #sdg #nachhaltigkeit #luxembourg #knueddler #creativelo #wahlen #election

#creativelo #dialogue #climateaction #sdgs #unitedforaction #earthbeat
You would like to meet 🙌🚲 the CreatiVelo? Then have a look at our timetable 📅🕰️ for the 2nd. half of september. More information ℹ️ℹ️ will be found in our bio and stories soon.
🇱🇺 #ThrowbackThursday

Leschten Samschden 📅📅 war den #CreatiVelo um Stater Maart. Woubäi eis Kolleegen vun @lrsl_actionteam4future un engem Medientraining deelgeholl hunn, deen si fir den Climate Action Dialogue 🌎🌱🗣️ am Dezember op der COP28 virbereed. 

D'Interviewen mat den #Politiker déi em d'Thema Nohaltegkeet gaangen sinn, wäerten déi nächst Woch online 🛜🛜 goen. Als eicht ginn dësen Samschden nach weider Interviews gemaach.

🇬🇧 #ThrowbackThursday

Last Saturday 📅📅 the #Creativelo was at the Luxembourg-city market. Our colleagues from @lrsl_actionteam4future participated in a media training, which prepared them for the Climate Action Dialogue 🌎🌱🗣️ in December at the COP28. 

The interviews with the #politicians which where about sustainability will go online 🛜🛜 next week. Beforhands other interviews will be filmed this saturday.

#TBT #superwahljoer2023 #Politik #Nohaltegkeet #sustainability #cop28 #interview
The CreatiVelo Earthbeat Tour - Luxembourg 🚲🇱🇺🌍 is happening #now 

Have a look to our #imagevideo 🎥🚲 to learn more about the Tour.

Our new website - is also online 🛜🛜

Geschwënn fänkt den #CreatiVelo Klima-Dialog Tour duerch Lëtzebuerg un! 🌱🗣️

Wann s  du beim Tour matmaachen wëlls oder wëlls dass mir dech besichen kommen, dann schreif eis gären un!! ✍️✍️

Soon the #CreatiVelo Climate-Dialogue Tour Luxembourg will begin! 🌱🗣️

If you would like participate or if you want that we come to you, you are invited to DM us. ✍️✍️

Bientòt le #CreatiVelo Climat-Dialogue Tour Luxembourg commencera! 🌱🗣️

Si tu veux nous rejoindre dans notre team ou si tu veux qu’on visite toi, écris-nous un message! ✍️✍️
We made it! After a long and exciting journey with our special, #solarpowered #ebikes we finally reached our destination: The #ClimateConference #COP26 in #Glasgow!⠀
On our journey we met so many inspiring people from interesting places. We interviewed a lot of them and collected statements on how we as humanity can tackle the #climatecrisis.⠀
We rode through cold wind and rain – but we also experienced beautiful sunny days and amazing sunsets.⠀
But this is just the beginning of the next adventure: We have a lot to experience here at the climate conference and we even take part ourselves. On friday the 5th we will present the #EarthbeatFilmChallenge as well as the earthbeat #cop26tour in the cinema auditorium in the green zone at 7pm 'til 9pm-⠀
We’d like to thank our followers, our team, our partners and sponsors! Without you, all of this wouldn’t have been possible. Now – we are looking forward to an inspired time here in Glasgow :) Stay tuned for updates, input, inspiration! We also have lots of interviews and statements we didn’t post yet. And if you’d like to send us your own statement answering the question „what will it take?“ – we’ll be glad to post it here. Plus me might even show it on our #Creativelo⠀
#whatwillittake #oneearthbeat #youth4planet #climateaction #COP26 #17goals #globalgoals #gogreen #storytelling #togetherforourplanet #SDGs2030 #dustpollution #togetherwecanmakeadifference #climatetargets #keingradweiter #climatechangeisreal #climatechangeawareness #savetheplanet #gretathunberg #environmentalist #globalwarming
After our Stay in London and being part of the exhibition „From steam to green“ in the #LondonTransportMuseum @ltmuseum we travelled to Birmingham , the second biggest City in England. There we stayed with the #CreatiVelo in the pedestrian zone in front of the famous #StMartinsChurch. Lots of pedestrians were curious about our #earthbeatCOPtour. We were even spontaneously invited into the church by 2 priests and we interviewed them along with a couple of parishioners.

Then we rode to the @astonuniversity and talked to Annas Mazhar, vice-president of student activities. And afterwards with scientists from @SupergenBioHub, that are into very interesting energy research (Interviews are coming soon!). They are gonna be in #Glasgow as well – not at #COP26 directly but we are looking forward meeting them again at an event at the local university they are hosting together with other universities around the country.
We also talked to the #astonuniversity PR team and had a very british #teatime in the EBRI (Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute)

After taking another day off we travelled a long way to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland – which is just about 50 miles away from our final destination in Glasgow. On the way we rode through the #lakeDistrictNationalPark – a stunningly beautiful nature reserve!

In Edinburgh the whole project team gathers again. Even some of the pupils from Ettelbrück gymnasium (a small town in Luxembourg from where we started the whole tour) will be coming. And last but not least we invited Tom Scheidel, an award winning young environmental scientist.

We are super excited about what's coming next! Just 1 day 'til the conference – Though we will make it only for the 2nd day.
On the 5th we will present the #EarthbeatChallenge as well as the tour in the Cinema Auditorium in the green zone at 7pm 'til 9pm

#whatwillittake #oneearthbeat #youth4planet #climateaction #COP26 #17goals #globalgoals #climatecrisis #gogreen #storytelling #cyclingforfuture #togetherforourplanet #SDGs2030 #dustpollution #togetherwecanmakeadifference #youth4planet #CreatiVelo #climatetargets
After a day off in Rye, we were invited by the director of #RyeCollege. We stayed a couple of hours and interviewed the pupils – and also the mayor of Rye, who was very interested in our tour and the whole project.

Afterwards, we visited the most important nature reserve in South England – the #Romney Marsh and had inspiring conversations with the Rangers.
It was very windy. And at some point, the wind was so strong that it pushed the bike to the edge and made it tip over! Fortunately – again – Alessandra did not get hurt. Only a bit shocked. The bike only had a few scratches.

The intense day made us hungry and tired – so we rode back to our hotel and rested for our trip to Oxford the next day.

At the Oxford city university we met ~200 students. The college is part of a network of ~50 colleges and they are very interested in the #CreatiVelo to establish their own as a physical communication tool between partners and the communities around them.
After that we rode about 15 miles to Bicester, which is a civil parish in north-east Oxfordshire – to interview the pupils and teachers of the local college. On the way back, the streets to Oxford were flooded by a heavy rain – so we had to take the truck this time.

Then something unfortunate happened: Max got ill. He had headaches and didn’t feel well. So we had to bring him to hospital for a checkup. Don’t worry, it’s nothing severe or contagious! But bad enough for him to keep on cycling. We reserved him a seat in our truck for our travel to London the next day.

For the weekend, we were invited to the London Transport Museum @ltmuseum where we were a part of the exhibition #FromSteamToGreen. Very exciting!

Unfortunately Max still didn’t feel well on monday – so he decided to fly back to his hometown Luxembourg from where we started. Press your thumbs, that he’ll be well enough to rejoin us at the #climateconference in #Glasgow next week!

#whatwillittake #oneearthbeat #youth4planet #climateaction #COP26 #17goals #globalgoals #climatecrisis #gogreen #biketour #togetherforourplanet #togetherwecanmakeadifference #youth4planet #CreatiVelo #ryesussex #bicester #oxfordcollege #bikecrash #londontransportmuseum
While we were leaving Brussels for Lille, the students from Ettelbruck drove home. After a restful night we were greeted by a wonderful sun after the many #rainydays on our tour. The weather motivated us even more to go to the event of a citizens' movement: In addition to a city district inspection with projects on transformation, we of course did interviews again and presented our project.

Among other things we were shown one of 3000 houses in lille that are currently being energetically renovated and the first real organic supermarket in Lille.

Then we drove to an event in the park: There the mood was good, music was played and wishes for the climate conference were written down and hung on a tree.

After a few interviews, we drove to an old factory building that today serves as an office for various associations. A community of citizens has installed solar systems in the hall.

Before we stopped for dinner, the “Mayoress for Transformation” (yes, there is that in Lille!) gave us an exciting interview.
The next day we left for Callei, from where our ferry to England left. It took us half the day to organize a PCR test, to be waved through customs with our bicycles and trucks.

We were astonished that shortly before our ferry a not even half full ferry started within sight. The same was true for a third ferry right behind us - not even half full and deep black smoke rising from all of them. This to be done differently!
At 3 p.m. local time we reached Dover, where we were allowed to enjoy one of the most beautiful sections of our tour so far on the cliffs of a nature reserve. A wonderful sunset while driving along England's coast rounded off the almost mystical experience.

It wasn't until late that we arrived in Rye, very hungry and tired, and ended up in bed at 11 am with sore muscles. That night we all slept as deeply as babies!

#whatwillittake #oneearthbeat #youth4planet #climateaction #COP26 #17goals #globalgoals #climatecrisis #gogreen #storytelling #cyclingforfuture #togetherforourplanet #SDGs2030 #dustpollution #togetherwecanmakeadifference #youth4planet #CreatiVelo #lillefrance #climatetargets #brusselsbelgium🇧🇪
Our journey led us from Eindhoven to #Eersel, a municipality in the #dutch province of Noord-Brabant – right next to Belgium. This region is special, because it is the one that produces the second most meat in the world. It is also a rural region with one of the highest #emissions in terms of dust and nitrogen oxide #airpollution.

So we interviewed the mayor at a measuring station for #dustpollution. The station is run by the municipality and citizens – to find out how high the pollution is and use it as an argument for #transformation. They know, they have to change the intensive agriculture and spread #awareness to the citizens.

The mayor of Eerselen is also an activist in this #citizensmovement and organises cooperation between 23 independent municipalities – always in connection with citizen actions.

It was a long day and we started feeling the sporty side of the tour in our bones and muscles. So we stayed for the night in Eersel.

The next day we started in pouring rain with a group of students from the Ettelbrucker Gymnasium (Luxembourg) to Brussels. The students accompanied us since Luxembourg.
On the way something unexpected happened: A motorbike passed by very rapidly and nearby – and Alessandra tipped over with the bike, wanting to avoid a crash! But luckily she is fine. It was just a little shock of course. And the bike has only a few scratches – but nothing grave.

In Brussels we were picked up by the European Parliament member Hansen – a passionate racing cyclist – together with 2 people from his team. He accompanied us with his bike up to the parliament. The plan was to go in there, but 3 students did not have a vaccination certificate with a QR code ready - and so we waived out of solidarity.
Instead, we had a picnic with exciting discussions with Hansen and the students from #Ettelbrück.

What an inspiring trip!

#whatwillittake #oneearthbeat #youth4planet #climateaction #COP26 #17goals #globalgoals #climatecrisis #gogreen #biketour #togetherforourplanet #SDGs2030 #storytelling #dustpollution #togetherwecanmakeadifference #youth4planet #CreatiVelo #ettelbruck
It was a #rainyday on the way from #Luxembourg to #Maastricht (#Netherlands). But everyone was full of energy and a beautiful #sunset at a #bikecrossing in Eindhoven filled our hearts with even more joy that we are on the road riding the #CreatiVelos – after weeks of preperation with lots of uncertainties.
Another inspiration was that city alderman in the centre of Eindhoven that we met in an #urbangarden – re-cultivating #citylife.
There was a lot of input. We made a very interesting interview with a former engineer at Philips.
At the University of Eindhoven we interviewed a couple of students like Axel, a software engineer and Welike, a student of communication, both working on #sustainability projects.

Did you know, that more than 10 million people die each year from air pollution? This is why Utrecht, another city in the Netherlands, decided for a car-free city center just a couple of months ago. And Eindhoven is now also heading towards a cleaner, car free city center with a better air quality – which accounts for The #SustainableDevelopmentGoal no. 3 – #GoodHealthAndWellBeing!).

#whatwillittake #oneearthbeat #keingradweiter #youth4planet #climateaction #COP26 #17goals #globalgoals #climatecrisis #gogreen #biketour #togetherforourplanet
We had a great time yesterday showing one of the CreatiVelos for the first time in public! Although the weather was not very good and therefore not many people passed our location in front of the Luxembourg main train station – the people that did were amazed by the project, the bike, the energy. We had some very nice conversations that day! We'll look forward seeing you in your city! We'll soon be releasing the shedule and we hope to see you there :)
#EarthbeatCOP26tour #luxembourg #luxemburg #klimawoche #storytelling #sdgs  #ebiketour #IsThereEnough
With 3 e-Bikes called „CreatiVelos“ Earthbeat Activists will ride from Luxembourg to Glasgow.
Anyone can take part in the #Earthbeat #COP26tour. Join online or via the #Youth4planet app (link in bio). The young #cyclists collect your voices wherever they stop. In #storytelling workshops they spread a simple method of how to get others excited about your project with powerful images. They ask mayors what they are doing for the climate-friendly transformation of their community. Everyone can be Earthbeat!
And here is how they were built.
#ebike #cycling #ebiking
On the way to #Glasgow the team will stop in many locations to show films about SDG-related topics (#SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals) to passing pedestrians. They are made by young people all around the globe.
They will also hold #filmworkshops with young people and carry out interviews with activists and mayors. They will collect film reports of successful transformation projects to bring them to the #climateconference.
In Glasgow, these films will make the voices of the youth heard – by journalists, by scientists and by decision makers!

#17goals #Earthbeat #IsThereEnough #oneearthbeat #climatecrisis #storytelling #SDGs #sustainability #solarpower #e-bikes #climateaction #savemotherearth #sdgs

Be part of the Earthbeat Luxembourg Tour

Is Luxembourg doing enough to combat climate change? Is the Grand Duchy on the right way for carbon neu trality? What is the state of the flora and fauna in the country? Which sustainable projects exists? Where can someone engage himself, be part of the climate movement? What have the people to say? Is It even possible to get to every corner of the country? Is the bicycle infrastructure good enough? All these questions and lots of more, will be tackled on the Earthbeat Luxembourg Tour . You want do jo in as a Storyteller, as a member of the CreatiVelo Team (student job/ internship/ volunteer) t hen, f eel free to get in touch!


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The story of the CreatiVelos

The CreatiVelo initiative, launched in Luxembourg in 2021, features solar-powered bicycles with built-in monitors for global connectivity. Initially, these bicycles shared youth stories and films, but their mission expanded during the COP26 conference to include promoting sustainable development projects. Youth action teams worldwide use CreatiVelos for idea exchange, and in 2023, students in India built their versions for local missions. The CreatiVelos also participated in COP28 in Dubai and are increasingly used in educational settings to foster collaboration and innovation.

Find out more

Interested in collaboration or to join the movement?

We don't only want to spread the message of collaboration and teamwork but also live it. So we'll be glad to hear from you, whether you have ideas, want to support us in any way, want the bikes come to your country, event or school, or you want to join our “ Earthbeat Luxembourg Tou r ” Let's talk about it! You can contact us here or via the app.


Youth4planet makes young people strong for change. Easy storytelling is sharpening their perception for Earth issues and encourages them to take a stand with film and social media. Youth4planet was founded in Hamburg (Germany)and has branches in Luxembourg, Austria, USA and more to come.

The Government of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg is a strong supporter of youth4planet since 2018 and this is also where its strongest branchis based. They also financed the building of the CreatiVelos.