The story of the creatiVelos

riding into the world

A short introduction
  • Introduction

    The first three CreatiVelos were born in Luxembourg in 2021. They feature a built-in 50-inch monitor, powered by two large solar panels. Through the internet, they can connect with each other and even be accompanied online through the CreatiVelo app.

  • Initial Purpose

    Initially, the CreatiVelos served as friendly ambassadors to spread the stories and films of young people from all over the world.

  • Expansion of Purpose

    During the tour to the world climate conference in Glasgow (COP26), the exploration and dissemination of exemplary projects aimed at achieving sustainable development goals were added. Often, spontaneous storytelling workshops with mobile phones took place around the CreatiVelo. Film suggestions were immediately presented and discussed.

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  • Youth Action Teams

    Moved around the world by youth action teams, the CreatiVelos are becoming more and more a place for exchanging ideas for a sustainable future.

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  • creatiVelo festoival in india

    In 2023 students in india built their own versions of the creatiVelo and went on a mission in their local communities with them. They presented their results at the creatiVelo festival.

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  • COP28 in Dubai

    The creatiVelo made it all the way to the Climate Conference in Dubai as an ambassador for positive change.

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  • Educational Use and Impact

    The more schools and universities use CreatiVelos as mobile learning spaces, the more intense and exciting the collaboration with other CreatiVelos around the world becomes. The bicycles are becoming ambassadors of peaceful and entertaining change, fueled by the ideas of young people -- and by the sun.